Veting d.o.o. is a Serbian company which sells the highest-quality products for pigs, chickens and cows. Thanks to Veting, proven supplements, such as Bergaprime P, which is manufactured by the German company Berg + Schmidt that ranks among the most recognized in Europe in the field of cattle farming productivity improvement, have been available on the Serbian, Montenegrin and Macedonian market for almost two decades.  

Cattle farming in the Adriatic region has been subject to a reduced number of cattle, in good part due to the use of inadequate food supplements. This is why Veting offers you a solution in the form of high-quality veterinary products which prevent diseases from being caused and spread, reduce the number of mortalities to a minimum, accelerate growth and enable full, undisputed physical development of animals.

As of recently, the company Veting has an extension, the company Bee Sting, which represents a novelty and a breath of fresh air on the market for honey bee supplements. We are glad we are in a position to be at your animals’ service!