What Is Bergaprime P?


Bergaprime P is an energy feed supplement for sows, piglets, broilers and cows, which activates and stabilizes metabolism. Animal development, the retainment of production characteristics, resistance to diseases and health in general are significantly influenced by biological processes within animal bodies. The digestive system is not completely developed upon birth. The energy from nutritional plants cannot be optimally used for animal growth. The consequences are, in many cases, impaired health and increased mortality.

In order to prevent this energy deficit and ensure the proper development of young animals, it is necessary to provide start-up energy, instantly available to the body. It is why Bergaprime P is not digested in the stomach - it is absorbed instantly in the small intestine. This has been achieved by implementing oleosome technology in animal nutrition (for the first time), including the use of various fractionated lipids.


How Does Bergaprime P Function?


When Bergaprime P is diluted in water, its oleosomic structure remains intact. Owing to the supplement’s homogenous and stable dispersedness, the special lipids produce an effect very quickly in animal bodies. It results in Bergaprime P enabling instant usability of body energy. The usability of body energy is as quick and complete as with glucose, but while glucose releases 4.0 kcal/g, the fat fractions in Bergaprime P release up to 8.3 kcal/g, which is 2.5 times as much.

Bergaprime P is an energy source whose active substances are metabolized quickly and completely in the liver. It increases the absorption of minerals (calcium and magnesium), vitamins and amino-acids. The animal feed in the digestive tract contains 70% - 80% water. Through the encapsulation of the fractionated lipids within the oleosomes, the body receives, quickly and directly, the kind of energy which is not subject to a long-lasting, irrecoverable losses-causing digestion process in the intestine.


What Are the Features of Bergaprime P?


Bergaprime P is an ideal agent for stabilizing health and preventing diseases. The advantages of Bergaprime P are also its powder-form oleosomes, quick dispersion in water and easy digestion, pleasant aroma and taste when mixed with animal feed, and good emulsifying characteristics which improve the digestion of all the ingredients.

Bergaprime P enables, very quickly, the energy required for the metabolic process, better conversion of animal feed and faster weight gain, the enhancement of natural animal disease resistance and reduction of susceptibility to stress, loss reduction during breeding (especially in large groups) and a smaller number of underdeveloped animals.


How Is Bergaprime P Administered?


The minimal dose of Bergaprime P is 500 g per ton of total animal feed. It is recommended that Bergaprime P be used via premix for the purpose of even blending. It can be used together with any other animal feed supplements and veterinary drugs without the risk of intolerability. It is ecologically safe for humans, animals and the environment.